Yakezie Carnival – October 9th, 2011 Edition

by Khaleef Crumbley on October 9, 2011

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This week I have the pleasure of hosting the Yakezie Carnival. There were so many great articles submitted, so rather than have me go on and on, let’s get right to them!

Faithful with a Few: Reflections On The Financial Blogger Conference – How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level…Over 3,000 EPIC Words! – The Financial Blogger Conference was held in Chicago recently. Here are over 3,000 words about what I learned about creating a better blog, & gaining readers’ trust!

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet: Airline Seats: Another Reason To Hate Being A Fat Guy! – The Financial Blogger Conference gave me another reason to hate being fat…airline seats! Fortunately, I was able to work off a few pounds for charity.

Money Q&A: Five Ways To Make Holiday Gift Giving Perfect This Year – With a little planning, budgeting, and starting early, you can have a Christmas to remember without the extra weight of credit card bills and debt.

The College Investor: Easiest Money Saving Phone Calls – A look at some of the easiest money saving phone calls.

Not Made of Money: The 10 Worst Paying Degrees Of 2011 – Remember that salary isn’t everything, and you can still live a fulfilled life without breaking 6 figures! However, it pays to have realistic expectations when entering the job market. Here’s a look at some of the worst-paying college degrees of 2011.

Personal Finance Whiz: Everyone Is Wrong About Bank Of America’s Debit Card Fee – Everyone is up in arms right now because Bank of America’s new fee on debit cards. I think that’s completely ridiculous. Bank of America has every right to charge this new fee.

20’s Finances: Can You Be Too Frugal? – Obsessing about living a frugal lifestyle can be overwhelming. What level of frugality is too much and what is healthy?

Investorz Blog: Random Thoughts on Investing – I prefer to write long posts about investing. However, all these thoughts in this article are pretty short, so I gathered them and posted the first monthly Random Thoughts on Investing, the September 2011 edition!

Sustainable Personal Finance: Alternative Credit Scores – The method by which credit scores are determined is changing, for the better.

Financial Success for Young Adults: Should I Start a Business or Get a Job After College? – Not sure what will be right for you? Take this short quiz to see if entrepreneurship is right for you.

Financially Consumed: Now Hiring – Embracing The New Economy – The internet has given us a new place to go to work. With my computer I can develop enterprising projects with others; it’s the new office, factory, water cooler, and lunchroom all together.

krantcents: Invest in Yourself! – Invest in your physical, mental and personal abilities to improve your return on investment.

Funancials: US Government Lays Off 30,000 and Charges $5 Fee – Shifting the blame of Bank of America’s $5 debit card fee to the United States Government, the Dodd-Frank Act, and the Derbin Amendment.

20 and Engaged: Is It Time to Combine Our Finances? – Hubby and I are considering combining our finances into one account, instead of just having the joint account for joint expenses.

My Journey to Millions: October 2011 Net Worth Update – From September 1, 2011 to October 1, 2011 my net worth only increased 1.83%. From January 18, 2011 to August 1,2011 my net worth has increased 53.75%

Invest It Wisely: Never Give Up: The Lessons I Learned from My Parents about the Importance of Believing in Yourself – This is the story about the journey of my parents through life. This story begins 30 years ago in a small place called Taiwan, and covers their journey from rags to riches as they started a new life in Canada.

Money Reasons: Why I Got An American Express Blue Cash Card – After having problems with my previous rewards credit card (that is the only type of card that I use), I decided to go with the best of the bunch!

Prairie Eco Thrifter: Losing Weight Again – On Sunday, September 11, 2011, I scared myself back onto the weight loss wagon. I weighed in at 153.8 pounds. Nope, I wasn’t having that again.

Money Cone: Bank of America to Start Charging Debit Card Fees – BofA has come up with a novel way to earn people’s trust after battling one PR disaster after another for the fraud perpetuated by the bank over the past few years. BofA has decided to charge a nominal monthly fee of $5 every month you use BofA’s debit card.

Living in Financial Excellence: Financial Excellence: Buy a Boat or Buy a House – •My favorite question for the day came from Jackie. She and her husband are debt free and currently renting a house. They live near Lake Michigan and love to spend time on the water. Jackie wants to know if they should buy a house or if it’s ok to keep renting so they can buy the boat they want to live the lifestyle they want. They also have retirement and college savings in place, and her husband earns a great income.

Live Real Now: Financial Blogger Conference – Three days, 800 miles, and 18 sessions later, I am back from the Financial Blogger Conference. Here’s the breakdown of my spending:

Novel Investor: Avoiding The New Norm: Debit Card Fees – Covers the recent debit card fee announcements, how the system works, and most importantly how to avoid the new debit card fees.

Free By 50: You Need A Strong Password – Your accounts are only as secure as the password that protects them

Beating Broke: Phil’s Friends–#FINCON11 Service Project – As a part of the conference, the folks behind FINCON teamed up with the folks behind Team Love Drop to schedule a conference service project to start the weekend off.

Your Finances Simplified: How I saved my family $270,000! – The article specifies the amount of money saved one can have by taking a 15 year mortgage rather than a 30 year mortgage.

Bucksome Boomer: Don’t Go Ashore Without this Cruise Tip – Sometimes money-saving methods don’t work out to be worth the risk.

Money Beagle: BloggerTheme Home About Me Contact Me Privacy Policy Don’t Take Delight In Others Misery – While betting against the masses might pay off if you’re right, there’s no need to take glee in this as this means that a lot of other people are unhappy.

How To Save Money: US Bank Account Comparison for Canadians – If you open a US dollar bank account at a Canadian bank you will gain complete control of your money. This means that you, not the bank or Paypal, get to decide when and how you will be charged currency conversion fees, if at all.

Investor Junkie: 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Financial Plan – Investing can help you take advantage of compounding returns and grow your nest egg. However, in order to succeed at investing, it helps to have a plan. Here are 5 steps to creating a successful financial plan:

The Frugal Toad: How to Avoid Paying the New Debit Card Fees – Bank fees are on the increase again this week with Wells Fargo announcing they will start charging debit card customers a monthly $3 fee. Bank of America recently announced plans to charge $5 per month for customers that use debit cards for purchases and will make $2.3 Billion from the new fee next year.

Money Is The Root: Blog Kaizen – Kaizen is simply the idea of continuous improvement. It’s applicable to many facets in life, including your blog.

My University Money: Using a Student Loan To Invest – Smart or Unethical? – Most of us had student loans at one point, what did you use yours on?

Free Money Wisdom: 10 Reasons Why I Blog about Personal Finance – At the end of the day, I have a unique vision for this blog. My vision isn’t to make you as rich as possible as fast as possible. If you wanted that, you might want to go check out other blogs. The vision here is a little different.

Smart on Money: Are You Saving So Much that You Are Nearly Bankrupt? – Those who act rich will often justify their high spending by talking about how much money they’re saving, and by talking about all the “bargains” that they’ve gotten. The problem is, they find so many of these so called bargains that they’re spending more than they make.

Learn Stock Market Basics: Recommended Investments for long term – The articles explains the recommended investments for you from a long term perspective such that you can build a good corpus of retirement money.

Control Your Cash: This post will save you from a lifetime of servitude – Servitude describes the average employee’s relationship with her employer, the average debtor’s relationship with creditors, and the average human’s relationship with money.

compounding returns: Frugality vs. Conscious Spending – What is the difference between frugality and conscious spending?

TotallyMoney: Five time-saving housework tips – Five quick tips around the home to save you time and money

DollarVersity: Should People Be Required to Complete a Course Before Being Approved For a Mortgage? – Millions of people were affected by the housing crash. Should they have even been homeowners? Did people learn from their mistakes?

Growing Money Smart: What is Personal Finance? – This is my intro to the definition and description of what personal finance is.

Smart Family Finance: 5 Ways Budgeting is a Waste of Time and Money – It’s a waste of time and money the way some people budget. Learn how not to budget and also characteristics of a good budget.

My Personal Finance Journey: Contents and Building Insurance – Are These Coverage Types Necessary and What Do They Include? – When going through the home buying process, the last thing you want to do is spend more money. However, home insurance is an important way to cover yourself financially should a disaster outside your control occur. This post examines what home insurance does and does not cover in an attempt to help you determine if it is right for you.

Wealth Informatics: Should you buy or rent? – Buy or rent is a question that every one of us ask ourselves at some point of time. I have created a calculator and put together an infographics on the buy vs rent data from different sources that might help answer this question.

Her Every Cent Counts: Why Steve Jobs’ Death Hit Home – Since Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday, there has been an outpouring of articles, memorials, tweets, status updates, blog posts, etc, on the man’s life and his impact on the world. I wanted to wait until I had time to write a meaningful post on the entire situation instead of a gut reaction. Although I never met Jobs, I think the reason that his death hit us all so hard is that outside of celebrities, he’s the closest to a living god that we’ve had in our secularized society. And it’s a blow to all of us to find out he’s gone.

Watson Inc: Parasite of Wealth – I have been noticing a disturbing trend for some time now. People will go broke trying to look rich. They may succeed in impressing others they don’t know and don’t really care about but generally at the expense of their family’s financial solvency and preparedness WHEN the poop hits the proverbial fan.

The Wealthy Canadian: Becoming An Index Investor: The Strategy (Part 1) – This article discusses incorporating low-cost index funds and ETFs into one’s overall portfolio and the advantages in doing so.

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