Heartfelt Living: 10 Essential Aspects of Worshipful Giving

We all desire to give in a way that honors God. It takes much more than simply writing a check. Our heart’s posture has to be correct, which is why this course is not about what to give, but specifically about the way in which we give.

Khaleef & Sherrian Crumbley

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What People Are Saying:

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    Ferdinand G.

    I am being taught Christian principles before I learn any financial techniques... you are making Christians better stewards of their responsibility to be godly and not just about money.

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    Sara S.

    This course is a great reminder that we, as Christians, are supposed to be the most generous and joyful givers out there!  God is the greatest giver in existence and if we want to be as God is, we need to practice true and joyful giving, just as He does.

  • Magda C.

    This was a great flexible and easily accessible course on Giving! Concise but packed with scripture and thought. This course was a "heart-opener" that caused me to truly examine my heart's desires.

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