Window Shopping and Sher’s Blog Medley #8

by Sherrian Crumbley on June 16, 2014

in Personal Finance

I am really not sure what you call it when you go on Amazon and start piling up a wish list into the hundreds, but I consider that my window shopping.

Window Shopping

I figure I might as well keep track of things I would like to buy, so that when I have the money I can revisit the items that caught my eye.

I also enjoy going on Craigslist and looking for cheap or free decorative things for the house.

My husband doesn’t care too much for this habit. I think the problem is when I constantly send him links of things to look at in hopes that he will feel it’s a deal too good to pass up 😈 . The problem is since I have no money for “wants”, expecting him to magically pull money from somewhere isn’t too helpful. And I definitely don’t plan on staying in debt one moment longer than I need to because of a painting or a lamp.

I do think it’s a bit therapeutic, though, just to look. And I figure, if anyone wants to know what I’d like for Christmas or my birthday, I’ll have a quick answer!

Do you spend anytime window shopping like this?


Now on to some great posts!

Blog Medley

Has a company ever tried to pull a bait-and-switch on you? Derek from Money Ahoy experienced this regarding his home insurance policy. Unfortunately, a few people recently had this dishonest practice happen to them.

It’s amazing what employers will pay for services – or rather, what they won’t pay. Over at Prairie Eco-Thrifter, Stefanie shares her struggles with being underpaid for “serious” work while sometimes being paid well to just “stand around and look pretty”.

Kennedi at Life and My Finances shares three ways to pay off debt. I think any of the options given are good. What’s most important is sticking to whichever works for you so you can be debt-free.

We could all use some motivation and inspiration. Sydney from The Untemplater gives some great quotes to give you a boost! There are some good nuggets here to constantly keep in mind.

Brian gives, at Luke 14:28, a much needed warning that all that glitters isn’t gold. It is a great reminder, and reason to search, within yourself to question your motivation for the things you want to obtain. Everything that looks good, isn’t good for us.


Here’s a few more cool things:


In case you’re into following by example, here’s an article on the schedule wealthy people keep daily.

The government found a new use for those dreaded TSA body scanners. Check out where they are being used now.

I can’t resist these things – here’s what happens when the elderly get on social media :-).


Have a great week!



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1 Money Saving

I think window shopping is playing with fire :-)

Sure it is fun, but it would be like an alcoholic visiting bars every night and trying to resist the temptation of drinking. The temptation is just too high for many folks to withstand forever if you place yourself into the middle of what you don’t want to do.

Thanks for the mention Sher :-)


2 Untemplater

Thanks for the mention! I was looking to buy some pet stuff on craigslist a few weeks ago and didn’t see anything I liked.

I tried selling my bike which I haven’t been using, but I didn’t get any good hits. I decided to keep it for now and try and find more time to use it instead. :)


3 Kylie Ofiu

I’m guilty of ‘window shopping’ like that too. I find it reduces my desire to spend, or get something new without actually spending and I like being able to send the links to my sisters.

When it comes to actual shops, I tend to get in and get out though.


4 Brian @ Luke1428

I don’t really care to window shop. I’m more a shopper-with-a-purpose. Get in, acquire target and get out, as quickly as possible. That’s why I don’t really enjoy shopping with my wife…she takes too long. :) Thanks for the mention…I appreciate it!


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