Wilson Household On the Mend..$250.00 Later and Some Great Reads 4.7.13

by Julie Wilson on April 15, 2013

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We can’t predict when a bad stomach virus is going to hit the family.  Last Saturday my 2 year old Tessa had a fever and was very tired. This isn’t like her usual bouncing off the walls, so I knew she was getting sick.  She ended up vomiting and having bathroom issues for two days.

The next day Taelynn who is 11 months old had the same bug, and was pretty miserable.  A day later, Wednesday, Trent my 12 year old said he didn’t feel good and got sick before school, and was very sick all day.

We asked Tate our 9 year old how he felt before school and he said he was fine.  About 3 hours later, the school calls us and sure enough Tate is having the same problems.  That boy got it the worst out of everyone. It lasted 4 days with him and he ended up in emergency room for being slightly dehydrated.

He could barely keep water down, so they gave him nausea medicine.

We went through receipts after this sickness and our expenses were some where around $250.00.

This was unexpected costs including a bunch of diapers, wipes, medicines, er visit, laundry detergent, Lysol, Gatorade, Pedialyte, new underwear, and new crib sheets. It was bad!

We were so grateful that we had the extra money which is something we wouldn’t have had in the past.  I never would have dreamed having a sick household could cost so much. My husband and I managed to avoid it somehow.  Although we both suffered from lack of sleep and he did call off one day to help with the kids.

We have to be ready for unexpected costs at times we really aren’t expecting it!

Sick Baby

Enjoy these articles I really liked this week!

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Syndey at the Untemplater has an awesome list of tips that can help you with time management and cut down on TV time! <–Clever ideas for sure!

Jeff from Good Financial Cents shares a great list of ways to make money on the side! <– I should have thought of some of these sooner!

Glen at Free From Broke brings up many great points about bankruptcy and when it’s a good option. <–Very helpful and detailed!


Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey is giving away $50.53, half will go to a winner and half will go to a charity!

Hank from Money Q and A is hosting a giveaway and you can win an autographed copy of “Real Wealth” by Bruce Helmer


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1 Michelle

It is so crazy how quickly an illness can infect everyone in a family/at school/at work. Am happy that all of the kiddos are feeling better.


2 KC @ genxfinance

It’s a bummer when that happens right? We don’t know when something like this would happen but it doesn’t mean we can;t prepare for it. Thanks for the good reads.


3 PPC Services

I hate it when that happens. It went in a double circle in my house this winter. Everyone was sick one after the other then again. It was a nightmare.


4 Untemplater

Thanks for the mention! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I’ve had a nasty bug myself for about 4 days. It’s on it’s way out but I still don’t feel totally normal yet. Being sick is the worst!


5 Jenny @ Frugal Guru Guide

We’ve all got mono right now. It’s so much FUN!!!! Not. I hate being sick while pregnant, especially, but the kids recovered fast.


6 Julie Wilson

Oh no! I hope u all feel better soon!


7 Glen Craig

Ughh. How come the one thing families share the quickest seems to be sickness? We’ve had stomach bugs rip through our household. Hope everyone is feeling better.


8 Julie Wilson

You got that right! Thanks so much! We are all doing well!


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