Unexpected Financial Blessings…What’s Your Story?

by Khaleef Crumbley on December 19, 2011

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Financial Blessings

I came across an article today about anonymous donors paying off layaway balances for various Kmart shoppers. As you can tell from the Kmart Black Friday 2011 ad, they offer a ton of great merchandise around Christmas time!

It’s amazing to consider that people still desire to be the source of these types of unexpected financial blessings! Of course, we know that God is the true source of all blessings…

Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow. ~ James 1:16-17

However, God still uses willing hearts to help bring financial blessings (and other kinds as well) to His children. I’ve had people come through for me on many occasions, and I was grateful for every one – no matter how great or small the gift.

Even though the bible constantly warns us about misunderstanding the true value of possessions, we are still commanded to help those in need.

What Were Your Unexpected Financial Blessings?

Reading this story made me want to hear about more stories of people receiving financial blessings that were unexpected. So, I want you to share your own experiences. I’ll start with one of my own.

A long time ago I had a little bit of trouble with my driver’s license. Because of this, I needed to pay off my financed car immediately. The only thing is that I was broke and I still owed $2,000 on the car! If I couldn’t come up with the money in a short period of time (like a week or 2), they would repossess the car.

My wife (who was just my girlfriend at the time) told her best friend about my problem. He then offered to give me a loan for the full amount and allow me to pay it back over 8 months without interest! My car payments were about $241/month, and I was able to pay him back at $250/month.

I had met him a few times and we were cool, but I wouldn’t consider us friends at that point. However, he still felt moved compelled to help me with such a large gift. At that time I was working full time and I went back to school – I couldn’t afford to have my car repossessed. His generosity really helped me get through a very tough time.

Once we pay off debt, one of our goals is to set up an account for this purpose. We always want to be in a position to help others. This is another reason why I hate being in debt bondage!

Share Your Stories Of Financial Blessings

Now it’s your turn. Share how people have come into your life and helped you out when you were in a financial jam.

I really think that stories like this can encourage people to be more helpful when others are in need…even if they are complete strangers!

I may even take the comments that are left here and put them in a future article.

photo by Michal Marcol

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