Roundup for the Week of 11.15.10 – Surprise Birthday Party Edition

by Khaleef Crumbley on November 23, 2010

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It’s time for another roundup of great articles from the previous week! But first I have to thank my wife for throwing me a wonderful surprise birthday party this weekend!

I had various friends and family members there and it was a complete shock to me. They all took turns saying wonderful, heartfelt things about me, and a couple of them fought back tears (no, I didn’t cry). Even my friends’ 14 year old daughter sent her mother a message to be read aloud at the party.

Birthday Banner

Notice the Spongebob balloon! No, that isn't me in the picture.

Since I have a slight fondness for Spongebob Squarepants, I was given a huge stuffed Spongebob and also a balloon that looked like him! One friend drove over 2 hours and stayed in a hotel just to be there, and another flew in from Florida!

Needless to say, I felt very much loved by my wife, friends, and family! I won’t go into the deception that took place ;-), nor dwell on my friend who had an allergic reaction to nuts! It was a wonderful night, and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift!

Now, on to the roundup!

Join the Discussion:

There are several articles that I have written in the past, and I would love to hear your feedback on them. Some of them have spurred lively discussions/debates, while others have not. So, I am asking for you to do me a favor and take a few minutes to read these articles and leave a comment (or respond to a previous comment):

Trying to Reduce Expenses? Sweat the Big Stuff! – When we are first attempting to get our personal finances in order, we need to focus on the larger areas of spending. If not, we run the risk of getting overwhelmed by trying to change every small area of our finances.

Why You Must Keep at Least $500 in Your Checking Account – It is very common for people to not keep much money in their checking account – writing checks the moment that their pay hits their account. However, having little to no money in your checking account between paychecks can be very dangerous to your financial well-being. This is why you need a $500 cushion in your checking account!


The Yakezie Network includes some of the best personal finance blogs around! This month marks the beginning of the Yakezie Scholarship initiative. So, please head over and read the details. If you qualify, then please apply, if not, then please forward the information to someone whom you know that qualifies.

Also, my Yakezie Member Post is up on the site (in case you don’t have enough to read already ;-)), so please take a few minutes to read about my background and leave a comment!

A special thanks to everyone who has helped to drop my Alexa ranking to 57,315 (as of Monday 11/22/10)! Now my new goal is to get under 50k by Christmas. This will take a lot of effort from me and help from all of you. Just install the Alexa toolbar and visit my site often (might as well make it your home page ;-) ), if you want to help!


Young & Thrifty is celebrating her one year “blogiversary” by hosting a giveaway. There are over $250 in prizes to be won (I am proud to be participating as a sponsor)!

Ray @ Squirrelers is hosting a Thanksgiving Giveaway Contest, with almost $400 in total prizes! Also, he has decided to donate $200 to CureSearch, an organization dedicated to working toward a cure for children’s cancer. I am participating in this giveaway as well, so you may win something from me!

On to My Favorite Articles From the Past Week:

Kris @ Everyday Tips & Thoughts wonders if doing what you love, or loving what you do is best.

Amanda Grossman @ My Dollar Plan gives us a list of 12 inexpensive Christmas gifts under $20!

Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer writes about great customer service in, “Customer Service: Carnival Got it Right“.

Beating Broke asks the question, “Is Personal Finance Really Important?“.

Wojo from Fiscal Fizzle wrote a guest post for Financial Samurai called, “Who Are You To Tell Me It’s Not Worth The Money?” In it he asks us to examine the thoughts and judgments that we have when we see how some people choose to spend their money.

Tim @ Faith and Finance gives us a list of Christmas gifts that could make one go broke.

Lisa @ Cents to Save gives 5 important tips for renting your home.

Invest With Passion tells us how to get our free annual credit report all year!

Sandy @ Yes, I Am Cheap tells us how to manage purchases in dollar stores in, “Getting the bang for your 99 cents“.

Andy @ Tight-Fisted Miser reminds us to respect our money in, “It’s just 35 cents!“.

Kevin @ Out of Your Rut posted a readers story about her battle with unemployment in, “Surviving Unemployment – One Woman’s Story“.

Paul Williams from Provident Planning writes about a very important part of God’s provident plan…giving, in an article on Bible Money Matters.

Kevin @ Invest it Wisely tells us how Mozrank is filling in the gaping hole left by the departure of pagerank.

KNS Financial on the web:

Articles from our “Faithful With A Few” blog were featured on the various websites over the last week:

Barbara Friedberg Personal FinanceCarnival of Money Stories 2, Perfectionism Edition.

Wealth ArtisanWAU: Financial Recovery

Blog ConduitBlogging for Profit: November 16, 2010

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My Wealth BuilderThe Wealth Builder Carnival #15

If I missed anyone who linked to this site, please let me know (for some reason I don’t always get the pingbacks).

Thanks to everyone who linked back to one of my articles, as well as everyone who left comments and helped to extend the discussion on this site!

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