Roundup for the Week of 11.08.10 – Economics and Finance Rap Edition

by Khaleef Crumbley on November 15, 2010

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It’s time for another roundup of great articles from the previous week! Time Magazine’s “It’s Your Money” blog highlighted 7 Economics and Personal Finance Rap Videos the other day. I have listed my favorite 3 here for your enjoyment.

Currency Rap – A rap battle between President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao:

Join the Discussion:

There are several articles that I have written in the past, and I would love to hear your feedback on them. Some of them have spurred lively discussions/debates, while others have not. So, I am asking for you to do me a favor and take a few minutes to read these articles and leave a comment (or respond to a previous comment):

Trying to Reduce Expenses? Sweat the Big Stuff! – When we are first attempting to get our personal finances in order, we need to focus on the larger areas of spending. If not, we run the risk of getting overwhelmed by trying to change every small area of our finances.

Why You Must Keep at Least $500 in Your Checking Account – It is very common for people to not keep much money in their checking account – writing checks the moment that their pay hits their account. However, having little to no money in your checking account between paychecks can be very dangerous to your financial well-being. This is why you need a $500 cushion in your checking account!


Also, don’t forget to check out the Yakezie network. This is a network that includes some of the best personal finance blogs around!

A special thanks to everyone who has helped to drop my Alexa ranking to 60,511 (as of Sunday 11/14/10)! Now my new goal is to get under 50k by Christmas. This will take a lot of effort from me and help from all of you. Just install the Alexa toolbar and visit my site often (might as well make it your home page 😉 ), if you want to help!

On to My Favorite Articles From the Past Week:

Flexo @ Consumerism Commentary wonders if we will see a return to the Gold Standard.

Kris @ Everyday Tips and Thoughts asks, “What Would You Do With A Letter From the President?“.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes about a sneaky pay cut that she just experienced.

Len Penzo thinks about how a lemonade stand taught his daughter to love monopolies.

Barbara Friedberg cautions us to only take on good debt when dealing with long-term unemployment.

Forest @ Frugal Zeitgeist tells us that obesity rates will reach 42 percent!

Joe Plemon @ Personal Finance by the Book asks for your advice in, “My Car Needs an Engine. Should I Sell it, Fix it or Junk it?“.

Amanda @ My Dollar Plan wonders if penny auctions are a great deal or a scam.

B Simple @ Simple Financial Lifestyle shows us how a simple ‘no’ can simplify your personal finances.

Jesse @ PF Firewall writes about his brother’s second financial meltdown, and then asks for your advice.

Ray @ Squirrelers is hosting a Thanksgiving Giveaway Contest, with almost $400 in total prizes! Also, he has decided to donate $200 to CureSearch, an organization dedicated to working toward a cure for children’s cancer. I am participating in this giveaway as well, so you may win something from me!

Darren @ Money Help For Christians shares with us 4 debts we should try to avoid.

Mrs. Not Made of Money @ Not Made of Money gives good advice about your finances as year-end approaches.

Turbo Tax Rap – A video talking about taxes and how best to deal with them:

KNS Financial on Redeeming Riches:

As some of you may remember, besides the work I do on this site, I’m also a staff writer for Redeeming Riches. Here are a few articles that I’ve written so far – I’d love for you to go over and leave me your feedback!

New Staff Writer: Please Welcome Khaleef Crumbley! – Jason’s interview of me (I share more personal info there than I ever have here).

How To Prepare For a Financial Hardship Before It Happens

How to Honor God in the Workplace – Instructions for Workers

How to Honor God in the Workplace – A Command for Managers

How to Honor God in the Workplace – A business owner with integrity.

Is Your Car a Luxury or a Necessity?

What You Need to Know About a 1031 Exchange

KNS Financial on Money Help for Christians:

I am now a staff writer for Money Help for Christians (MH4C) as well. For now I have taken over the “Money Saving Monday” series that Craig has developed. Each Monday we post an article with money saving tips. If you comment with a tip of your own, and it is chosen as a top pick for the month, then you win a $15 Amazon gift card!

Here is what I have written so far:

10 Ways to Save Money at the Movies

10 Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs

8 Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

KNS Financial on the web:

Articles from our “Faithful With A Few” blog were featured on the various websites over the last week:

Personal DividendsCarnival of Wealth #11

Money ObedienceCarnival of Money Stories: The Sports Edition

Tight Fisted MiserPersonal Finance Links – Marathon Edition

Invest it WiselyWeedend Reading: Frosty Edition

Buy Like BuffettTop 10 Financial Reads for the First Week of November

Everyday Tips and ThoughtsLeonid Meteor Shower and a Link Round Up To Boot

Passive Family Income – Controlling Heating Costs and Weekly Links

Ditch The BossFinancial Independence Compilation

Faith and FinanceBlog Stats! – October 2010

Until Debt Do Us PartWeek End Round Up

If I missed anyone who linked to this site, please let me know (for some reason I don’t always get the pingbacks).

Thanks to everyone who linked back to one of my articles, as well as everyone who left comments and helped to extend the discussion on this site!

Tithing Rap – While I don’t believe that God has mandated that we pay Him 10% of our income (if we are able, our giving should exceed a tithe), this is still a very creative way to remind people to put God first in their finances:

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1 Forest

Hey thanks for the link. You really have been here there and everywhere and are really giving back to Yakezie…. Awesome stuff.


2 Khaleef Crumbley

No problem, Forest! I just know that it’s much easier for us to accomplish our goals as a group, rather than as individuals.


3 Invest It Wisely

Great job on your progress, Khaleef. You’ve been doing really great. Thanks for mentioning my roundup as well. :)


4 Khaleef Crumbley

Thanks Kevin! I really appreciate all of your help and support!


5 Joe Plemon

Congrats on writing for Redeeming Riches AND Money Help for Christians. Two great sites are getting even greater with you on board! Thanks for the mention in this “rap” edition.


6 Khaleef Crumbley

Thanks! I’ve always enjoyed their writing (and yours as well), so it’s a great feeling to write for them now!

Thanks for the kind words.


7 Barb Friedberg

Thanks for promoting my “good debt” article and congrats for your accomplishments, you are doing a great job!


8 Khaleef Crumbley

No problem, Barb! Thanks for all of your support.


9 Squirrelers

Thanks for mentioning the giveaway! Also, thanks for sponsoring one of the prizes, I appreciate it.

Nice roundup and congrats on the Alexa success. That’s a really good ranking, and you’ve moved up the charts fast.


10 Khaleef Crumbley

No problem at all. I was moving up pretty fast on Alexa, but I seemed to have hit a wall once I got under 70k! Thanks for all of your support!


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