My Shopping Spree and Faves 3.2.13

by Julie Wilson on March 9, 2013

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I hope everyone had a great week! It was so busy and very exhausting for me, but I did make a little time to go on a shopping spree.

I have worked hard the past two years trying to lose some weight. I have lost 88 lbs so far and I have 13 lbs until my goal. I decided a shopping spree for new clothes for the summer and spring was in order.  I went on the kind of spree that even my husband approved of, a Goodwill adventure!

I was so excited because I was going by myself which never happens. I am usually in a big hurry because others are ready to leave. This time I spent 2 hours mixing and matching different pieces, and tried on tons of things.

The Buys

13 shirts (dressy and casual)

2 skirts

3 pairs of size 8 capris ( I was a size 22)

3 pairs of fun shoes

Grand Total: $38.50

Yes, you read that right! I went on 50% off day and got a whole wardrobe for a steal. They look brand new and I could not be happier. After I got these deals, I went to Target and bought some jewelry in the clearance section. I got 10 pair of earrings and a bracelet for less than $20.00.

It was a reward to myself, and I could have justified going to buy brand new clothes, but I would have gotten much less.  No one can tell where I bought my clothes. They will however see the smile on my face as I walk around in my new clothes!

Here are a few favorites of mine from the week!

Miss. T from Prairie Eco-Thrifter makes you look at the balance in your life.

One Cent at a Time poses an interesting statement you wouldn’t think you’d hear as far as saving goes, skipping lattes doesn’t make you rich.

Don at 20’s Finances brings up a great topic: Dating in the workplace.

Barb from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance has a list of awesome ideas to help you make some extra money.

Melissa at Free From Broke has great suggestions on how to increase productivity and find more time.

Invest It Wisely brings up points on how finances can stress a relationship and how to avoid it.


Kylie Ofiu is giving away $200.00 via paypal!

Dinks Finance is giving away the following books: Social Media Marketing For Dummies and Investing in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies.

John at Frugal Rules is celebrating 6 months of blogging by holding a $100 giveaway!


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1 Mary D

WOW, congrats on losing so much weight! That’s a real inspiration for me (currently the size you started at).

Also congrats on being so gosh-darn frugal on that shopping spree. It’s totally worth buying second-hand when you can get so much more for what you’re spending. Now you have more than doubled your reward (I always plan to go buy something new when I lose the weight -but lots of somethings is even better).


2 Julie Wilson

Thank you so much! You can do this! Yes..I love getting tons for a small amount!


3 Glen Craig

Thanks so much for the mention!


4 Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

Losing weight is sooo hard. But, after you do, you can find so many cute clothes at sale or bargain prices that look great on you! Congrats on your bargains and your weight loss.


5 Julie Wilson

Thank you Marie! The clothes are so much more fun for me now than they used to be. It is still a really emotional ordeal though. I hope it gets a little easier. Thanks again!


6 Josh @ Live Well Simply

You definitely scored a great deal for $40! I find it takes time to find clothing deals. Not something you want to do when you’re in a hurry. :)


7 Julie Wilson

Thanks Josh! It does take time, especially at a place like Goodwill where everything is just thrown together!


8 Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

That is a great list of finds. You spent less than $40 and got all that stuff. That is awesome. Thanks a bunch for the inclusion this week. Much appreciated.


9 Julie Wilson

Thank you! Yes,my closet is full now!


10 Pauline

I was more impressed by the weight loss than the price of clothes, congratulations, that is amazing!
PS links to OCAAT, Prairie ET and Barb are broken


11 Khaleef Crumbley

Hey Pauline, thank you so much for letting us know about those links…I just fixed them. :-)

Oh, and I agree that Julie has done amazing with her weight loss so far. She has been a huge inspiration for me. She writes regularly over at my other site and just posted another weight loss update:


12 Julie Wilson

Thank you Pauline! It’s been great! Thank you for letting us know about the links!


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