Khaleef & Sherrian’s Goals For 2014

by Khaleef Crumbley on January 6, 2014

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Since it’s now the beginning of January, it’s a great time to consider what our goals are for 2014. I’ve talked about my health, fitness, and some of our basic personal finance goals over on my weight loss and debt repayment website; so here I will stick to our spiritual goals.

One of our primary spiritual goals is to read through the Bible in a year. We successfully did that back in 2012, but 2013 was a different story. We both have a Bible app on our phone that includes a daily reading. Instead of the traditional portions of the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs reading for the day, we will be reading straight through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We always found it very difficult to do the standard split reading program, because it was sometimes difficult (read: annoying) to have to cut off a reading in the middle of a thought or passage.

Bible Open

We also plan to do a study through the book of Romans. We will be setting aside time each week where we will do a thorough study (not just a simple reading) through the entire book. This will probably take us most, if not all, of the year.

Another big goal of ours is to do a topical study. Before all the stresses of life and the health problems came along, we were doing topical studies all the time, but now they only come up when one of us has to teach at church. The two biggest topics that we talk about are personal finance and eschatology. We both have pretty solid views when it comes to personal finance, and it is a passion that we share, but there is always more to learn and we believe that studying it together will allow us to better apply it to our own lives and the lives of our clients.

As far as eschatology is concerned my position is very firm while Sherrian’s position is somewhat firm, but a lot of it is based off of things she has heard through sermons/teaching and not from her first-hand study. I know she really wants to have a deeper understanding of this issue, so we will most likely dedicate some time to this study as well this year (and probably into the next).

Group Hug

We also plan to be more intentional when it comes to our relationships. For different reasons both of us have a hard time developing strong, meaningful relationships with people, and it is far too easy to walk away instead of fighting through the uncomfortable stages. Over the last couple of years we have been looking at the importance of fellowship and having a biblical view of all relationships, not just marriage, and we both have been convicted about how little we have invested in relationships with other people.

We have gotten better over the last two years, but we both see room for improvement. So that will be something that we will be focusing on this year as well.

We also plan to focus a lot more on sharing our thoughts and ideas with you guys through this site, and hopefully setting up a podcast and a YouTube channel as well. We really hope to develop a community where we can all share inspiration, information, motivation, and even prayers with one another as we all grow in Christ.

So we are hoping that you will join us as we try to make these goals a reality in the upcoming year.

Your Turn!

  1. What are some of the goals that you want to accomplish during the year?
  2. What plans do you have set in motion in order to see those goals become a reality?
  3. Is there anything specifically that we can pray for or even try to find resources to help you reach your goals?

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1 Money Saving

My goals aren’t all that inspiring as yours for 2014.

I want to write an ebook to put on Amazon about how to invest in the stock market for beginners.

I also want to eat healthier and develop a “six-pack” :-)


2 Khaleef Crumbley

Writing an ebook has been on my list for a couple of years, so hopefully, you’ll get yours done and push me! 😉

I’m still working with a keg right now lol


3 Travis @debtchronicles

My goals include: Making the final two payments on our Debt Management Program, and setting up a responsible plan for the extra monthly funds after the program is done. Oh…and being as awesome at deadlifts as Khaleef is. :)


4 Khaleef Crumbley

I see that you already hit your first goal! Congratulations!!! I still have to make it over to read the details :-)

I can’t wait to see what you do with all that extra money now. Hahaha…running marathons and being a great deadlifter would put you in an elite class! 😉


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