January 2011 Blog Statistics And Supporters

by Khaleef Crumbley on February 15, 2011

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As I began to do toward the end of last year, I have decided to publish certain statistics about my website from the previous month.

I’ve always found posts where someone shares statistics about their website to be very interesting, and helpful as well.

I also want to thank those who have been very supportive of me. Therefore, I will list the top 7 commentators, and the top 10 referring websites along with my stats.

I have a plugin that keeps track of the top commentators for each month and posts the top 7 in the sidebar with a link back to their site (the link is “Do Follow”) . However, after the month is over, it resets the count.


Here are the Top Commentators for January 2011:

Of course, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to leave a comment! Reading and responding to comments helps to make this a lot of fun for me.

Here are the traffic stats for January 2011:

Alexa Ranking 47,79545000-5.85%
Visits 3,79810166167.67%
Unique Visitors 3,0719242200.94%
Pageviews 8,11619500140.27%
Bounce Rate55.42%60.13%8.50%
New Visits76.25%88.96%16.67%
RSS Subscribers8817093.18%
Twitter Followers70078111.57%
Search Engines38.13%69.42%82.06%
Referring Sites42.26%19.64%-53.53%
Direct Traffic14.51%8.84%-39.08%

As you can see, in January I saw a huge increase in Visits, Unique visitors, Pageviews, and RSS Subscribers! My traffic from search engines also increased significantly…although, this has to come at the expense of the other sources.

Here are the Top 10 Referring Websites for January 2011:

(note: I only include other blogs or forums, not sites like Reddit, Tip’d, or Stumble Upon):

  1. Yakezie
  2. Not Made of Money
  3. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  4. Political Calculations
  5. Len Penzo
  6. The Saved Quarter
  7. Provident Plan
  8. Bible Money Matters
  9. Maximizing Money
  10. Money Help For Christians

Be sure to visit each one of these sites for great personal finance information and advice!

Thanks for all of the support and links throughout the first month of this new year. I’d hate to see what my traffic stats would look like without all these (and other) sites linking to me!

For any site listed above, if you would like me to use specific anchor text for the link, just send me an email.

Here are my most popular articles (in terms of pageviews) from January 2011:

  1. My post explaining the reason for the Tax Filing Delay.
  2. A follow up post explaining when the Tax Filing Delay would be over.
  3. Many people received a raise this year because of the Payroll Tax Holiday.
  4. Here I list the Income Tax Rates for 2010.
  5. A list of 5 ways to increase your 2010 Tax Return. One of them is still an option!
  6. A warning about the (at the time) upcoming Flexible Spending Account Deadlines.
  7. A list of Contribution Limits for various retirement accounts.
  8. The story of a man who tried toRob a Restaurant With An iPhone!
  9. The IRA Contribution Limits for both 2011 & 2010.
  10. The 401k Contribution Limits for both 2011 & 2010.

Well, there you have it. Those are my blog statistics and supporters for 2010. I would be grateful for your suggestions on how to grow both!

photo by Keng Susumpow

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1 Melissa

Great work! You made a huge leap in so many areas. It will be exciting to see what March brings.


2 John Armstrong

Very very impressive. Well done on another great month and on achieving great results.



3 Squirrelers

Outstanding work! That’s a VERY impressive increase in visitors from your SEO efforts.


4 Evan @ My Journey to Millions

WOW! Look at those gains! Those are extremely impressive.


5 Yakezie

Good stuff mate! Nice to see the stats and progress!



6 Khaleef Crumbley

Thanks, Sam! Once I get a handle on SEO, I plan to contact other bloggers about their advertising relationships as you suggested!


7 Buck Inspire

That’s some impressive stats! What caused the huge spike? Did you do anything differently or implementing new techniques? Keep up the excellent work! :)


8 Khaleef Crumbley

Thanks! I definitely focused a lot more on SEO. I sent a fellow blogger an email with some tips that I learned and she suggested that I post it. I just might do that.


9 Tim @ Faith and Finance

Excellent work Khaleef! The increase in vists and RSS subscribers is awesome! What do you attribute the huge spike to? Keep it up!


10 Khaleef Crumbley

I’m not sure about the RSS subscribers, but I have made an effort to focus on SEO a lot since January…I guess it paid off last month. Maybe a few of the people who came across the site in Google decided to subscribe.


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