From Baby Blues to Real Green and Some Faves

by Julie Wilson on February 23, 2013

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Hey Everyone! Hope you had an awesome week. I have had a busy week for sure. Two words: Potty training

We have a 2 year old and a 9 month old, so you can imagine that diapers have made quite a dent in our wallets. As hard as it is to watch my baby girl grow up,  I have made it my mission this week to work with my Tessa on using the potty. We have used 4 diapers with her in the past 2 days which is amazing!  I am excited to see how long we can make the box last. We will be done with formula in a few months.

This will be approximately $80.00 we will be able to save.  I am really excited about this.

Tessa is doing so well with the potty training, but Mommy is exhausted! I can’t wait to reap the rewards from this taxing predicament.  I will finish up with her, just in time to start all over again with her little sister.

I was able to escape the potty world for a little while this week and came upon some great reads! Enjoy!

Mrs. Accountability at Out of Debt Again brings up the risks you may be taking using the services from Fiverr.

Craig from Money Help for Christians brings up the idea that money is a spiritual topic.

Shilpan from Street Smart Finance gives encouragement to those who haven’t gone to college and explains that the sky is the limit.

Roger at The Amateur Financier shares pros for public and private education.

Paula at Afford Anything takes a hard lesson and shares it so we can avoid making the same mistake when it comes to money!

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1 Buck Inspire

Congrats on the savings! My son is almost 11 months. Is there a recommended age for potty training? Thanks!


2 Julie Wilson

Thank you! Every child is ready at different times. We started with Tessa at 18 months, but I didn’t stick with it and she wasn’t ready. It is so much easier this time around. She tells us when she has to go, and today after a solid week, she had no accidents! It’s not fun,but it will be worth it!


3 Squirrelers

Good points. Diapers can be quite expensive, and while I may have never thought of potty training in the context of another source of saving money, you’re exactly right!


4 Shilpan

Thanks for the mention, Julie. I really appreciate it.


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