Carnival of Personal Finance 02.18.13: Springtime Running Edition

by Julie Wilson on February 18, 2013

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It was my pleasure this week to host the Carnival of Personal Finance! I really enjoyed reading articles and picking my favorites among them.

Spring is right around the corner, and I can’t help but think of my newest passion, Running! Running has brought me so much joy and given me a sense of accomplishment. I want to give you the things I am most looking forward to seeing as I move out of my cold, winter snow runs into warmer,spring runs!

#1 I am excited to hear children laughing – During the winter, all the kids are inside staying warm. I am forced to listen to crunching snow, and cars passing by slowly. Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing children be children! I’ll see balls rolling in the streets, bikes along the road swerving to miss me, and much more!

Editor’s Choice:

Paula @ Afford Anything from Afford Anything presents Traveling and Tenant Screening, and says, “Readers write in with questions about traveling and finding tenants. In this blog post, I answer some reader questions.”

Ray from Squirrelers presents Personal Finance Topics That Should Be Taught in School, and says, “Many people often wish they knew then what they know now, in terms of money. Meaning, wishing they made better financial decisions when younger. This post discusses the notion of personal finance topics that should be taught in school.”

Jason Price from One Money Design presents Is Mobile Banking Safe?, and says, “Most major banks are now offering mobile banking apps to help people conduct their banking business on the go, but are they really a safe service? Here’s how to protect yourself.”

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Don’t Do Something If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing, and says, “Before you chart out a grand plan for financial change, make sure you know what you’re doing. I learned this lesson the hard way for a non-finance issue, but realized that the advice of knowing what I was doing applies across the board.”

TTMK from Tie the Money Knot presents What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring, and says, “A touchy subject for some people can be getting an engagement ring that the recipient isn’t thrilled about. Sure, the engagement itself may be incredible, but what is a tactful way to handle it if the ring isn’t ideal – especially considering a lot of money was probably spent on it?”

#2 Less restrictive clothing! I won’t have to sport my Yak trax, my mask, 4 layers of long sleeves constricting me, or gloves to make sure my fingers don’t fall off. I will feel so liberated running in my tights, a couple shirts, and nothing extra! Ahh…the simple things.

Money Management:

Lily from Paying Debt Down presents Building the Best Portfolio, and says, “Building a portfolio is like making a great dish. Lots of factors go into it.”

Amy from Money Mishaps presents Wise Financial Tips for 2013-Start Smart, and says, “Start the new year with some financial tips that are sure to improve your financial situation.”


Jack from Money Saving Ethics presents The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Explained, and says, “Knowing the rules of the FDCPA can be very helpful.”

#3 I will get to hear and see nature at its best. The birds and other wildlife will be all over Northwest Indiana soon. It will be such a welcoming scenery from the quiet,desolate runs I’ve been going on now.


Pat S from compounding returns presents Become a Millionaire: Savings by Age, and says, “How to become a millionaire.”

harry campbell from Your PF Pro presents My First Default with Lending Club, and says, “With today’s pitiful interest rates, it’s hard to sit there and invest your money in CD’s that are returning 1 or 2 percent. So if you’ve been searching for alternative investments you may already know about Lending Club. But if you’re new to the peer to peer lending scene, you can read my first review of Lending Club here.”

Jemstep from Jemstep’s Blog presents Don’t fall in love with your portfolio, and says, “Love is in the air … But it doesn’t belong in your investments. Here’s why you should never fall in love with the assets in your portfolio.”

Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents Invest Your Money in 2013 & Make a Profit, and says, “January is always a good month for me as I receive my year-end bonus! Each year, I use this bonus to fund my retirement account and maximize my savings. Enjoying life today is important, but being able to enjoy it once I’m retired is priceless!”

#4 I will get to run in the rain! Nothing more refreshing than cool rain drops while you are sweating during a run. Don’t worry, I’ll stay in during the tornadoes!

Money Management:

eemusings from NZ Muse presents Bad money habits, and says, “Dishing on my BF’s worst money habits – and mine, while I’m at it.”


Peter from Bible Money Matters presents Get Ready Early: The Top 5 2013 Tax Tips, and says, “Here is some tax filing advice for 2013 that we would like to share to help you get started:”


Digital Personal Finance presents How Do You Save on Travel Expenses?, and says, “Many of us enjoy traveling, but as we know, costs can often add up to more than we expect. This post explores ways to save money on traveling.”


Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Do You Donate Money to Charity?, and says, “We look at the idea of donating money and/or time.”


Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Grocery Chopping: Cut Down Your Grocery Bill without Using Coupons, and says, “The truth is that you can fill your cupboards to overflowing even on a tight budget, if you know the tricks.”

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents Are you getting the most out of your college experience?, and says, “What all young people can do to get the most out of the college experience.”


Kevin from Passive Income to Retire presents Your Perspective on your Finances, and says, “You have it better than you think, being thankful will bring you further than being ungrateful.”

#5 That smell! Sounds crazy, but I love the smell of spring! Grass growing, flowers blooming, rain soaked soil, and even the dreaded smell of dead worms in the street after the rain.

Thank you all again for your submissions! I am so grateful that I was able to read them! Have a great week!

© 2013, Julie Wilson. All rights reserved.

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Thank you so much for the Editor’s Pick! I’m honored. :-)


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Running is rad! Glad you’re getting into it :) Thanks for hosting.


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