April Fool’s Day Pranks and Some Great Articles From The Week Of 3.31.13

by Julie Wilson on April 8, 2013

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April Fool’s Day is something my husband and I never take part in against each other. However, my husband can’t resist getting the kids.  This year our 9 yr old and 12 year old got fooled, and I keep laughing out loud even now when I think about the looks on their faces. It’s too bad I didn’t have a picture.  Literal tears falling down my cheeks.

Trent, our 12 year old was the first victim.  He had just gotten out of bed, reading a comic book, and was still half asleep when my husband knocks on his door. The dialogue went something like this. Picture a frantic, loud tone.

“Why isn’t the garbage out on the curb? The garbage truck is out in front waiting!”

No words, but sounds like Ugh, Agh, came out of his mouth!

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

I was sitting in a chair in the living room, as he flies out of his room toward me at a fast pace.  His face had this priceless look that makes me laugh every time I think about it. Worry and focus covered his face. He looked like he was on a mission to disarm a weapon.

Right as he got to the garage door, my husband yells out, “April Fools!”  I was dying. It seems so simple, but the whole event was so funny.

Trent was clearly embarrassed, and his 9 year old laughing at him certainly didn’t help. Todd tells Tate his turn is coming.

A few hours later Tate said,” You still didn’t get me,Dad.”

That prompted my husband to take action.

Let me set you up.  Tate is one of those kids that freaks out if he hears about something being dangerous to your health. He can be a little bit of a hypochondriac. For example, he had a pain somewhere and asks where his kidneys are and starts worrying immediately.

I had told Todd that he had 3 bowls of Krave cereal for breakfast that morning. He decides to call his sister who is a nurse, and have her call Tate and tell him there has been a recall on Krave cereal because there was poison in all the boxes.

The phone rings, and Todd hands the phone to Tate telling him it is Auntie.

We couldn’t hear her half of the conversation, but his face went from smiling to pure worry and fear in seconds. Tate stands up and starts pacing, and goes to tell Todd that he needs to go to the ER. Todd falls on the floor laughing because Tate’s face was so funny. Tate started crying and laughing because he was literally fearing for his life and was relieved to find out he would be ok.

Trent was relieved to see his little brother get nailed harder than him.

What great memories for a lifetime! Everyone can laugh about it now.

april fools day

Take some time to enjoy these great articles and have a great week!

Barb from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance gives some great tips on how to teach your children to be financially responsible. <— Awesome advice!

Ashley from Everything Finance has 3 unexpected ways to save money. <—These are pretty simple things to save some money!

Krantcents recommends online banking and explains why he chose to do it.<–I just started this 3 months ago, couldn’t agree more!

Kim from Eyes on the Dollar has some great frugal party tips for kids’ parties. <– I have implemented many of these with my own children.

Jessica from Budget for Health gives some recipe ideas for leftover Easter eggs. <– Thought these were great ideas.


Retire By 40 is hosting a giveaway of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: 2013 Edition, by Jason Kelly.


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that is priceless. How clever and cute.


2 Julie Wilson

Thank you:)


3 KC @ genxfinance

Lol, that was fun! Yeah, I can only imagine the looks on their faces. Good for you for creating such a wonderful April Fool’s Day memory. Thanks for the links.


4 Julie Wilson

Thank you! Oh yes..too much fun!


5 krantcents

Thanks for the links, I am in good company.


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