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by Khaleef Crumbley on May 8, 2013

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So the other day our neighbor decided to get a dog. Most people who know me know how I feel about dogs (they definitely aren’t my best friend)! Actually, one of the great benefits of moving into this building is that there are no pets allowed. We have seen people with dogs on occasion, but they are either belong to someone who is visiting one of our neighbors or some other temporary arrangement.

Apparently, she called the association and received permission to permanently have a dog in the building. She isn’t legally blind or anything, so I’m not sure why she received the exemption, but I guess it really doesn’t matter.

What was great to me is that she called my wife to let her know that there would be a dog in the building. She also apologized in advance for any barking that we may hear, and she asked that we first go to her with any complaints.

Attack Dog

I thought this was a fair request. If we see poop lying around or hear excessive barking, then we will extend to her the courtesy of letting her know about the problems before bringing them to the building management. Hopefully, the problems will be taken care of at that level without ever having to get management involved – actually, my hope is that these problems never happen. 😉

I just like that our neighbor decided to be humble and give us a warning about her new pet. Many people would just take the attitude that they are bringing the dog into the building and they don’t care if anyone has a problem with it! She didn’t do that, and whenever we have interactions with her that will be in the back of our mind.

As I thought about it, I remembered going to her once I started working out indoors (after it got too cold last year) with the same request. Since her condo is directly below ours, I knew that my workouts could pose a problem for her. Fortunately, she has a work schedule that meshes well with my typical workout schedule, so there have been no problems.

So, that’s it. No profound lesson or anything; I just wanted to share what I considered to be a nice, neighborly gesture.

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1 Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter

I think that is a nice, neighborly gesture. She could have just carried on, but it’s nice that she let you know. I have two dogs and while they are great dogs, they do feel the need to try to protect us by barking when somebody is around the house, which would be disrupting if we were in an apartment.


2 Khaleef Crumbley

I definitely was happy that she called us and showed consideration. We can definitely hear her dog because of the layout of the condos, but it hasn’t been too bad.


3 Thomas @ YDF

I think that is great to have people just in my opinion do the right thing. No its not mandatory but things take on a different meaning when people try to do the right thing. Like with you exercising indoors, you knew you would be making noise and didn’t want to wait until something negative came about. Hopefully the dog situation works out for the best.


4 Khaleef Crumbley

Yeah, I think things would be so much better if we all were considerate of each other. Just to think about how our actions affect others.


5 KC @ genxfinance

Wow, that’s very considerate of her. You seldom see people like that. If you treat others with courtesy and respect, they will extend to you the same gestures.


6 Khaleef Crumbley

Yes, I was shocked when she made the call. Most people would just say ‘who cares if the dog bothers my neighbors’.


7 Peter

I love dogs, but they still bother me sometimes. Now that I have 2 babies, it’s even more so. It’s always a life lesson for me to do the same whenever someone in thoughtful or courteous. In that sense, it’s very contagious.

On a different note, just by quickly scanning this post, I thought this post was about dog attack or a dog fight. :)


8 Khaleef Crumbley

Yes, acts of kindness are definitely contagious.

Hahaha…that was the best picture that I could find. :)


9 Ryan @ RLD Investments

It is extremely refreshing when you meet someone else who treats others with respect and courtesy. It makes the world a better place. It’s the little things like that the add up throughout the day. I’m not a big fan of having dogs in a building like that either, I hope everything works out with no problems.


10 Khaleef Crumbley

Yeah, it definitely adds up when thinking about these little gestures.


11 krantcents

We lost our dog last year and replaced him in December. I contacted my neighbors to let them know and warn them there may be barking. It took a few months to train her, but she is better. People are pretty understanding, if you give them a chance and treat them with respect.


12 Khaleef Crumbley

I’m sure the fact that you called them to warn them helped a lot. I definitely think that treating people kindly goes a long way. :)


13 David Linder

That is a neighborly gesture! It’s sad to think that being considerate is more the exception than the rule. We recently got a new dog and I said the same basic thing to my neighbor and explained that I was trying to train the dog that barking wasn’t going to get him let inside. Obviously, there might be a few minutes of barking before I can let him in. I told her to call anytime which I know she appreciated. I felt it was only fair seeing as the “breaking in” period with any new dog is a bit dicey!


14 Money Beagle

That’s great. I think so often now people make decisions without any consideration or thought to their neighbors. That she kept you in mind is something that is becoming more and more rare. I hope that the dog isn’t too much of a nusiance for you.


15 Khaleef Crumbley

You’re right, it is becoming more rare, which is sad. It’s been about a week and I haven’t heard the dog once, which is great! :-)


16 Kelly

Looks like great communication from both parties. I think the feeling is mutual between you and some dogs, haha! However I don’t get your comment about her not being legally blind? What does that have to do with anything?


17 Jenny @ Frugal Guru Guide

He means it isn’t a service animal, which must be allowed in by law, but is a pet, which isn’t permitted by the building rules.


18 Khaleef Crumbley

Exactly. You put it in better terms than I did lol. I saw the dog yesterday and he is tiny…so he definitely isn’t helping with anything.


19 Kelly

Just an FYI tiny dogs can be service dogs. Service dogs are used for much more than just for the blind of physically impaired. So just keep in the back of your mind before making assumptions that it could in fact always be a service dog no matter what the size and even if the person looks like they need a service dog.


20 Khaleef Crumbley

I have a feeling that I’m in trouble 😉

I honestly didn’t think about other things that dogs could do besides guide the blind. I actually had an English professor who trained seeing eye dogs and took them around the school so they could get used to being around a lot of people. He got used to people so quickly…I remember people stepping on his paws by accident and him just taking it without even barking. This dog is like 1/2 of Buster, but maybe he is serving another purpose that I never thought of.


21 Khaleef Crumbley

Hahaha…there is only one dog that feels this way about me! And we both know that he is a vicious wolf!!! About her not being blind…I just meant that the dog doesn’t seem to be seeing eye dog or some other assistance dog, so I’m not sure why they are allowing her an exemption to the no pets policy.


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