Dying to Give and Sher’s Blog Medley #4

by Sherrian Crumbley on April 21, 2014

in Personal Finance

Happy Belated Easter everyone!?! Is that even a thing? Anyways….

I think the thing that bothers me MOST about being in debt is the inability to give the way we desire. Thankfully we are able to give to our church, but even that is an amount way below what is in our hearts.


I am sure you all have people around you with various needs, for us it is the same. There is never a shortage of people to help, and in this way our debt really has us as prisoners because extending ourselves the way we really want to, just isn’t an option.

It would be easy to lay aside our debt repayment plan and budget in favor of different causes or needs that come about, but then we would be unfaithful in paying back what we owe (not to mention really stealing from who we are indebted). But it is also short-sighted because we will be digging ourselves deeper in debt, and the behavior could be endless.

Even though it does make me sad, not being able to help every time comes up, I know it is more beneficial in the long run to be able to give what actually belongs to me, without guilt, stress, or negative consequences.

My prayer is that we will be faithful with our “few” so that as it grows, we can use it wisely, and give freely!

Now on to some great posts!

Blog Medley


Is it time to leave your job? Brian from Luke1428 gives a list of 10 things that may show it’s time for a change. The list is really comprehensive, and may allow you to really consider if you should stay where you are or move on.

One area where we don’t go “cheap” is with our food. Jason from Live Real, Now shares when going cheap isn’t an option. I totally agree with him here, and the title of his post is the perfect example!

Melissa from Bible Money Matters asks the question, what is more important to you, time or money? I think it’s important to consider what we value more, and also the consequences of choosing one over the other.

My dad used to tell the salesmen “I’ll have to sleep on it” when it came to huge purchases. He taught us to do the same, and I’ve honestly regretted the times I haven’t taken that advice. Travis from Enemy of Debt asks if a waiting period really works to prevent impulse shopping? I know for me, it definitely does.

Since we are down to one vehicle, from time to time I check on the cost of a new (to us) vehicle. No matter what I find, Khaleef compares it to the brand new Cavalier he bought in ’97-’98 for $10,000. Kevin from Out of Your Rut asks if you are feeling priced out of the new car market? If it is up to Khaleef, that answer is a resounding “YES!”

Kevin Roose from New York Magazine shares why he believes that the new Gillette razor is everything that’s wrong with American innovation. I tend to agree with him, take a look and see what you think.

In this post, Randy Alcorn shares about his experience as a Christian going through depression. This is an area that is taboo for many, and I am glad that a well-known author is able to give a voice to this issue for those of us who need to know we’re not alone.

Make this week a great one!

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Ever since the financial crash in 2008, this hasn’t necessarily been the case and now, in 2014, scapegoating for problems seems to be worse than it ever has been before. Banks and large trading institutions may have caused some of the problems that ultimately led to the crash, but small scale investors were also causing issues.

Here we will look at ethical trading and how the concept of social trading allows us to trade in a manner that allows us to keep a clear conscience.

What Do We Mean By Ethical Trading?

Ethical Trading

When the financial crash happened, many banks and institutions were punished for unethical trading. This means that they invested money in areas where they shouldn’t have, gambling money that wasn’t theirs to lose.

Ethical trading on such a large scale would mean that a bank will only spend money that is theirs, or will only use your money if you’ve given them explicit permission to do so (as you can with some types of account). Even then, when a bank invests this money, they should look to invest in products and projects that are perceived to be ethical.

As well as this, as was the issue in 2008, banks must also be seen to be staying within the banking code of conduct, observing rates rather than trying to manipulate them.

How Can Ethical Trading Be Practiced On A Small Scale?

Although many banks have had issues with the law and unethical trading in the past, single, small-scale investors have fared much better and, the majority of the time, they are trading well within the code of conduct.

If you trade at home on a trading platform, it is highly likely that you’re already what is considered to be an ethical trader; staying within the rules and only trying to make an honest living.

Issues with individual traders generally only arise when people are given access to insider information; something that is both illegal and immoral.

Passing On The Word: The Benefits Of Social Trading

Social trading acts as an online forum for investors, where people can meet, chat and discuss trades. Because of the fact that brand new investors can speak to those with far more experience, this is the perfect place to spread the message of ethical trading to those who are inexperienced and likely to succumb to pressure.

[How much can you rely on social media in your investing?]

Social trading looks as though it could very well be the future of forex trading, and it’s available through almost any ECN broker. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to learn from the lessons of 2008. So, consider the way you trade, ensure it is ethical and spread the word. Together, we can make the world a better, fairer place.

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