Many Round Rock-area insurance underwriters offer high-quality life insurance policies that are designed to help you protect your family from the financial risks that occur when a loved one dies unexpectedly.

Here are five tips that can help you choose one of these life insurance policies which suit your needs.

Ask About Death Benefit Options

Most life insurance policies offer death benefit options that can help you defray unexpected funeral costs, unexpected medical expenses and other unexpected costs economically.

Asking insurance agents about these death benefit options is worthwhile because it can help you choose life insurance policies that offer enough coverage to pay for the most important expenses that occur when a loved one dies unexpectedly.

Ask About Your Policy Conversion Options

Many life insurance policies offer provisions that allow policyholders to convert their policies to annuities or other life insurance policies without incurring a penalty.

Asking about these policy conversion options is recommended because it can help you find life insurance policies that offer your family the best long-term value.

Ask About Your Cash Surrender Options

Many life insurance policies also offer provisions that allow policyholders to surrender their life insurance policies in exchange for a lump sum of money.

Asking about these cash surrender options can be useful because it can help you choose life insurance policies that offer the flexibility needed to suit your family’s short-term and long-term needs.

Compare Your Beneficiary Options

Most Round Rock-area insurance underwriters and agents offer several life insurance policies that offer beneficiary options which are easy to customize to meet your needs.

Comparing these beneficiary options is a good idea because it can help you avoid many of the mistakes that can make using life insurance difficult for many policyholders.

Ask About Your Premium Options

Contrary to popular belief, most life insurance policies feature premiums that can be customized to meet your needs. As a result, it is a good idea to ask your insurance underwriter for details about your life insurance premium options.

This is the case because it can help you simplify the process of finding life insurance premiums that fit your budget.

The Texas Department of Insurance offers many useful life insurance checklists that can help you organize your search for life insurance that suits your needs.

Feel free to combine these checklists and tips to help you search for Round Rock-area life insurance policies that suit your needs.

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Before the days of the internet, where one could find out how to do just about anything, there were things that were passed on by tradition, word of mouth, and trial-and-error.

As I think back, there were a few things people did in their homes to keep them warm in the colder months that I didn’t appreciate at the time. I mean, eh, I was young and wasn’t paying the electricity bill!


Now that I am considering those energy costs, I am preparing to do some of these things I remember and just wanted to pass them along to you. Some of the items weren’t done with finesse in the past, but there are kits and the like available on websites like Amazon or at your local home improvement store. Half the fun of going through these, though, is the ingenuity of using everyday items.

1. Garbage bags to cover the windows – Unless the windows are newer, there can sometimes be a draft that comes in through them. I have seen people take thick garbage bags and cover their windows with them, sealing them with duct tape.

Instead of garbage bags, it is easy to buy a kit that uses a clear film and mounting tape.

2. Towels/cloths to block drafts – I’ve seen towels, blankets, socks (yes, socks) stuck underneath doors, on window sills, around pipes, attic entrances, and in all types of crevices where air is seeping through.

Instead of cloth, there are options like caulk and weather stripping which will take care of gaps in windows, doors, and other areas that can be sealed of from air leaking through.

3. Cracked oven door – I have been in homes where people have used the heat from the oven to help warm a space. I am NOT recommending that.

What does help, is after using the oven for a meal (and turning it off), leaving the door cracked so that residual heat can help lighten the load of your furnace.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and even though you may not do these tips in the “old school” way, the solutions are solid with some new school products!

A few other things to consider in keeping heating costs down are:

Is the filter clean to your furnace? Check directions to see how often the filter should be changed.

- Are you keeping the temperature reasonably low? You can always bundle up with sweaters and socks.

- Are you heating the space you’re using? You can close the vents to rooms that aren’t frequently being used or use a space heater for the area you spend the most time.


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